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The year 2077, humanity had reached its zenith. In only two short hours, the world had ended. Some escaped into underground vaults, awaiting the day they could reclaim the Earth. And for those who did return to the surface, found that humanity did not perish in the end of days, but that they fought on. Now, in the year 2278, there are mutant beasts, marauding thieves, and murderers; people doing anything to survive. All this, begotten by the squabbles of mankind. Because war, war never changes.


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The Rules

last post by Splendid in Using Your Sub-accounts on Nov 26 2016, 05:48 PM.

Welcome to the Radstorm community. Please be advised that there are rules that will assist the old and new with everything imaginable; registration, character creation, and more. Every user is required to read through and understand these help topics, any questions might already be answered here. Important bulletins and announcements can also be found here, which may affect in-character rules or briefly summarize the current events of the site.
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last post by Splendid in Sorry! on May 21 2017, 02:28 PM.

Any topic may be discussed here, in a rational and intelligent manner. New users (and old users who haven’t gotten around to it), should introduce themselves here to familiarize themselves with the community. Everyone is welcome to post questions that need answering, or if they have the knowledge, are free to answer them.
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Create Character

last post by Declan O'Shaughnessy in Declan O'shaughnessy on May 2 2017, 05:52 AM.

After you have read the rules, please post your character application for review. While it is not necessary to have a completed and approved application to begin role-playing, other users may choose to ignore you until your character has been accepted, and you will not be able to participate in any site-sanctioned plots with that character. Please localise your journals and other pertinent character info on each character's own thread, feel free to link to your RPR or anything that you wish. Please post your character sheet in this forum.
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last post by Tom Murdock in [radio] The Twelve Days Of ... on Feb 11 2017, 02:53 AM.

Consider the possibilities of this universe; it is possible to dive much deeper into the details and lore than what the games that have inspired this site could possibly have done. Let your imagination dictate the details stories that are told in this world. Users may read about our universe’s lore, site-wide events and plots. Casting calls for key parts or canon characters will be made available here. User created radio shows, news publications, and amateur (HAM) radio interactions may be posted.
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last post by Ricky Salazar in Why Does Trouble Always Fol... on Jun 16 2017, 02:20 AM.

The sprawling ruins of the city of Boston suggest that the city may have tried to defend itself from the attacks during the Great War; the city, untouched by the atomic bombs, has retained much of its original shape, though it has been made ramshackle by time. Skyscrapers yet stand quietly, stark against the horizon of the rolling plains beyond the city’s limits. The city is a cesspit of despair and violence, with hostile creatures roving what’s left of the streets, and scavengers just try to get by. Within, there are few settlements, and many dangers.
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Far Harbor

last post by in ---- on --.

Lonely are the ruins of this once-idyllic town, containing the ruins of a prominent college and an unsettling, constant quiet. It is as though animals and marauders alike fear to cross through the ruins, after if tarrying too long would cause them to be swallowed by the silence. An unseen force rules here, purging its territory of unruly and unwelcomed intruders—Cambridge likely has lots to offer in way of secrets and hidden treasures.
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The sickly remains of the state of Massachusetts, comprised of desolate plains and hostile marshlands. The Commonwealth Wasteland is home to some of the post-apocalyptic world’s most fearsome wildlife, and overrun by vicious mutants. There are humans who toil in fields or live behind great walls, fearing the roving gangs of the opportunistic raiders, or being dragged away by mysterious strangers in the night. The state is evidence of the uncompromising life in the wastes, for what’s left of nature herself will turn against anyone she pleases.
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Washington, D.C.

last post by in ---- on --.

The large, crumbling cityscape is a graveyard to what it formerly was; much of the trek through would be impossible, as skyscrapers have filled the streets with crooked, sharp rebar, and mutants have staked claim to many of the landmarks. The surest passage, if one were to be willing to brave the perils of the city, would be through the dark and horrifying metro-train tunnels—but they come with their own monstrosity, twisted by radiation, awaiting prey in the pitch dark.
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The Pitt

last post by in ---- on --.

The ruins of Pittsburgh are a pale shadow of the city it used to be. Once towering skyscrapers are reduced to mere rubble and steel skeleton frames. The sky is choked with smog and the streets run with blood and the cries of the mutated denizens of this hell on earth. Three rivers converge at The Pitt and these flowing waters spelled disaster for anyone living nearby. Nuclear fallout flooded into the city, warping the people into twisted mutants and depraved maniacs. Once the city had reached the heights of madness it was the Brotherhood of Steel, newly arrived from the East Coast, who wiped the city clean of raiders and slavers alike, but once they left the city once again devolved into the morass of madness and cruelty that it is today. Masters run their servants into the ground harvesting the raw materials of the city, forging the steel into new weapons and monuments to fuel the constant state of violence that makes up the essence of The Pitt. Even for raiders this is a dangerous place to stray and so it should be avoided by all but the most hardy and prepared. Don't go alone.
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The Capital Wasteland

last post by Cassius Agincourt in The Lost Caravan on Dec 23 2016, 09:25 PM.

The rotting grey heart of the post-apocalypse, set beneath a sickly silver sky. Having suffered the brunt of enemy firepower from the war, there's now very little left of what came before. Abominations and disease rule this scorched earth. Humans are forced to shelter in well-defended settlements or else be steadily picked off by one or the other. Such is the state of the Capital Wasteland that even clean drinking water is a rarity. Savvy businessmen have made their new world fortune by selling basic necessities at a premium. Despite all odds, though, life marches on. Animals in particular have adapted to (or been mutated by) the desolate environment and increased in both size and aggression- adding just one more thing to the long, long list of problems that humanity's survivors have to contend with.
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New Vegas

last post by Tom Murdock in Ain't That A Kick In Th... on Apr 5 2017, 11:47 PM.

Formerly Las Vegas, this sprawling den of sin and iniquity is practically untouched thanks to the defenses erected by Robert House when the bombs were launched. Casinos litter the Strip, merchants and craftsmen ply their trades in buildings or on the streets, and everywhere, money of every description changes hands. Caps, NCR dollars, coin of the Legion; anything goes. The mysterious Mr House controls the city from the Lucky 38, and the Three Families enforce his will from their casinos along with the Securitron robots through which House can act directly when need be. NCR Military Police also patrol the Strip, although their concern is mostly with the troopers that are contractually allowed to spend their pay here.
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Hoover Dam

last post by in ---- on --.

Named after President Herbert Hoover, this massive construction of steel and cement has stood for over 300 years, and if House and the New California Republic have anything to say about it, it will keep standing for another 300 years. One of the few reliable sources of electricity in the entire Southwest, the Dam is guarded almost religiously by a full detachment of the NCR Army; Veteran Rangers and Heavy Troopers are stationed here, the place is so important. It was recently the focus of a heavy skirmish between NCR and the newly arisen Caesar's Legion, and as such security is stricter and more paranoid than ever before.
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The Mojave Wasteland

last post by Karl the Unfettered in Good Morning Mojave on Dec 26 2016, 03:59 PM.

Everywhere else not described above, the Mojave Wasteland encompasses most of what was once southern and central Nevada, although parts of California, Arizona and Utah are also included. Unlike the Capital Wasteland, the Mojave is still a vibrant and fertile area, again thanks to House's foresight; food and fresh water are plentiful if you know how to look, and farms dot the landscape where settlers eke out a living with their crops and herds. Around the more successful farms, many small settlements have been established, and the motto throughout seems to be "Trust, but Verify"; wanderers might be welcome if they've caps to spend, but nobody hesitates to take the law into their own hands if you're caught misbehaving.
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last post by Karl the Unfettered in All The Live Long Day on May 21 2017, 12:13 PM.

An acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, a TARDIS, when piloted expertly, can transport those aboard to any point in time and space, including crossing entirely separate dimensions. If you wish to explore the history of your characters, or investigate entirely different genres, fandoms, or worlds, then you may start a role-play here. You need not apply for a new character sheet for role-plays posted here. This is a place for any unrelated plots, any character, and any point in time or history.
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last post by Vault Assassin in Fallout Creed(jcink Premium) on Jun 24 2017, 07:25 PM.

Please be advised of the rules thread for advertisements. Threads that do not comply will be removed. This is a guest-friendly board.
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last post by Albanoh in Char on Dec 1 2016, 05:35 AM.

Inactive posts and characters are moved to the archives. If you believe something has been prematurely placed into the archives, or if you wish to revive something, please contact an administrator or the manager.
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